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Matt Morris, the Master Blender at Padstow Blends, has been blending flavours since 2013 and now has proven experience in delivering award-winning entirely original eliquid flavour blends that are renowned for their quality, complexity, authenticity and deliciousness.

We currently have over 40 TPD compliant flavour blends on the market, in several brands, available internationally via retailers ranging from independent shops to global organisations, and we are continually expanding our portfolio.

We offer several flavour blending services, supported by established relationships with trustworthy flavouring manufacturers, and appropriate legal templates already in place; keeping things as simple, transparent, flexible and cost effective as possible, so our clients can just focus on enjoying the flavour.

The Science

We have a successful flavour blending heritage using only vaping-specific flavours, sourced from carefully selected UK flavouring manufacturers who can supply the necessary data for TPD notification. This delicate art of striking the balance between flavour creativity and consumer safety, while also achieving commercial success, is one of our key differentiators.

We enjoy strong working relationships with specialist flavourists, with whom we collaborate on targeted flavour profiling, compound analysis and precise ingredient tailoring. These mutually beneficial creative and scientific exchanges support all parties in the refining of compounds, in line with emerging health research, while also maintaining the quality of the overall flavour experience and the vital yet subtle nuances within.

We are able to blend flavours for very specific commissions, including trouble-shooting for TPD compliance, often where teams or other specialists have been unable to meet an exacting creative brief or required timescaleWe understand the key strengths of each flavouring manufacturer, and know their individual flavourings well, so we can select the right manufacturer for each blend, and the right blend for each end-use, whether it be nic salts, sub-ohm or mouth-to-lung.

The Creative

Our Master Blender is himself a vaper, with a creative approach and a sensitive palate, making him a fantastic development partner to the scientific talents of in-house flavourists and flavouring manufacturers, who may not vape themselves– meaning our clients quite literally get the perfect blend of science and creativity.

We continually liaise with flavour scientists, and work closely with eliquid retailers and vapers to trial flavours, gather feedback and monitor emerging trends. We pair this with research into other flavour markets, such as food and beverages, so our blends always remain truly innovative, on trend, in demand and compliant with the latest legislation and health recommendations.

We are totally dedicated to the creative side of flavour development, so we are able to blend and showcase an amazing variety of extra blends that can be created from a flavouring manufacturer’s standard portfolio, or even a client’s own flavourings, which wouldn’t otherwise be available due to the time constraints on a manufacturer’s flavourists or a client’s in-house team.

The Legal

Our confidentiality, discretion and professionalism are assured, from a client’s initial enquiry and briefing meeting, to sample creation, formulation documentation and the delivery of the final flavour concentrate by the flavouring manufacturer. Everyone directly involved is party to an NDA. If a client wants to shout about working with us, we certainly won’t stop them – but if they would rather take all the glory, we’ll keep schtum!

The concentrates blended to our formulations are always supplied exclusively to us by the flavouring manufacturers we work with, so we are happy to be open about who they are. The blends, and their provenance are not trade secrets – but the precise and highly complex blend formulations certainly are – so we only work with suppliers we know and trust. We are proud of their quality and we trust their professionalism and confidentiality, so we can confidently support our clients’ good manufacturing practises with full product traceability.

The Business

We offer a choice of blending service packages to suit our clients’ varying needs and budgets, including options to simply sign an NDA and buy a concentrate from our ready-to-order portfolio; commission a new blend that will also be added to our portfolio (with or without an initial period of exclusivity for the client); or commission a completely exclusive bespoke blend, with full confidential formulation disclosure, subject to a contractual agreement to buy the concentrate through us for a minimum term.

We keep our development fees and concentrate prices as low as possible, and let our blends earn their keep – for our clients, and for us – over time. After all, a successful blend sells more, retains customers and stays on the market longer – a win for us all. We are here to unleash creativity, not stifle it with unnecessary upfront costs. It makes far more sense to commission us than to waste time and money trying to emulate us, or our blends!

We work with businesses large and small, including those who started out in the industry because they loved blending flavours themselves, but whose businesses have grown to the point where they are no longer able to dedicate time to blending. We are able to support them with flavour development, to maintain their reputation for great flavours while they focus on growing their business.

We are not in competition with eliquid manufacturers – the unique purpose of our limited edition eliquid collection is for us, and our clients, to connect directly with really knowledgeable and passionate vapers and retailers who love trialling new flavours prior to them being launched to the wider market.

Our services aim to support clients in getting ahead, and staying ahead, in this rapidly evolving market. Flavour trends emerge regularly, sparking countless interpretations of the most successful pioneering blends. Being first to the market with a unique trend-setting flavour blend, one so complex that it can’t be precisely imitated, is key to staying ahead of competitors – as is having the best blend within a trending genre, with the longevity that comes from repeat sales. We strive to deliver both, with every single blend.

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